Meeting your customer's demands at the touch of a button

As a food producer or processor, your flexibility is constantly tested. Producing small and short batches is one thing; sorting and packaging various products is quite another.

Prevent your customer from choosing another supplier 

Where your customers want the most diverse range of food products possible, your flexibility as a food producer or processor is constantly challenged by producing small and short batches.

However, agonizingly long changeover times due to outdated equipment make sorting and packaging various products inefficient and costly.

Moreover, if you do not get a sufficient grip on this process, you cannot meet customer demand. This increases the risk that customers will choose another supplier, leading to a decline in revenue.


Fortunately, there is a solution that allows you to meet your customer's demands at the touch of a button.

  • Reduce changeover times

  • Increase product output

  • Improve cost-effectiveness

The foodMAX family

Lift your product handling to the MAX

We understand that you need to meet both the highest hygiene regulations and the demands of your customers.

This challenge inspired FMI ImProvia nearly ten years ago to create a special range of equipment.

Meet the foodMAX family: three specific solutions for smart-oriented handling, driven by your industry.



Experience the pinnacle of food safety with our EHEDG-compliant food handling machines. Meticulously designed to meet the stringent regulations, our cutting-edge equipment ensures impeccable sanitation and preventing cross-contamination.

Elevate your brand's reputation with our industry-leading solutions.

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Three specific solutions

The certainty of proven technology

The foodMAX family consists of three specific solutions:

  • loadMAX: the best way to handle your product from the supply line to your desired packaging or next process step.
  • inspectMAX: the best way to qualify your products, from color to shape, from weight to any foreign contaminants.
  • packMAX: the best way to supply any form of packaging to the loadMAX: box, tray, cups.

The first foodMAX solution we delivered ten years ago is still in operation and continues to deliver a positive cash flow for our client