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Qualification Tools

Customer - ASML, TDSI

Qualify extremely thin pellicles measuring deflection at low delta pressures in an ultra-clean environment.

The product is an extremely thin membrane with a defined elasticity. The tool applies a controlled delta pressure profile and measures the deflection of the membrane. The product is used inside the ASML scanner and must remain particle free during the test sequence.

Our competence expertise

  • Full tool life cycle (design, built, qualify, maintain)
  • Clean room compatible design
  • Low particle generation
  • Accurate pressure measurement
  • Accurate distance measurement
  • Flow control
  • Safety regulations (Semi S2)
  • CE-Certification 
  • Labview programming, data collection and reporting
  • Human Machine Interface design

Our solution

The test set-up is placed inside a dedicated down flow cabinet to limit particle generation in the work area. The air that is used to apply the delta pressure is filtered (<10 nm). All materials and moving parts are designed to avoid particle generation to the product. The air flow design and the control system are designed to generate delta pressures with <1 Pa accuracy. The labview operating system enables an operator to perform standard tests and allows the process engineer to define the test recipes. The tool is equipped with a diagnostic tool validation system.

Other competences used in solution:

  • Safety regulations (CSA)