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Customer - Automotive tier 1 supplier

The new design of rooftop windows in cars required an inline inspection of print failures.

Print failures are not allowed on rooftop windows for luxury cars. Challenge is to detect very small failures (about a tenth of a millimetre) on the surface of a rooftop window sizes up to more than one square meter. Due to the size of the area operators tend to make quite some mistakes and miss failures. An end of line inspection station is obligated in this process.

Our competence expertise

  • Image processing
  • Product inspection
  • Measurement
  • In-line process control

Our solution

We designed and realised a solution which is capable of inspecting various sizes of rooftop windows. Using an array of camera’s on a slide, up to 42 high resolution images are captured. After stitching the resulting image (>200MPix) is compared to the demanded CAD profile of the print. Besides the print the integrated illumination is checked using the camera system.

After evaluation any found errors are highlighted enabling an easy fault detection. After eventual re-work the product can be re-measured.

Our solution is used by several customers in Europe, Asia and Northern America.

Other competences used in this solution:

  • Metrology
  • Vision