Janina Dorenburg

“From the moment I finished my studies with a thesis at Irmato, a company that was later taken over by FMI, I was impressed with how familiar, yet professional, the corporate culture was. In Germany, where I’m from, there’s a much stronger hierarchy than there is here. So when I got the opportunity to work for FMI ImProvia – first in Eindhoven, and now at our Aachen office – I took it.

New employees immediately get a lot of responsibility and trust as soon as they start here, such as being sent to talk to a major client early on in your career. It feels intimidating at the time but from my own experience, it helps you grow and gives you confidence. At our Aachen office, we have mostly young employees and we all support each other and help each other out. Along with all the challenging projects we take on, this makes for a very interesting and positive working environment.”