Jenox Akumulatory is specialized in the industrial production of high quality batteries for all types of vehicles and a large supplier for the automotive industry. Jenox wanted to optimize its production process by applying automation. They requested to increase the productivity and quality (repeatability) of the battery assembly process by increasing the level of automation, and thus, reducing the human involvement in this specific part of the production process.

  • FMI ImProvia
  • 2020


Therefore, two robotic transport systems for transporting vehicle batteries lead plates between enveloping machine and Cast-On-Strap (COS) machine had to be developed. Hence, the assignment for FMI ImProvia was the Engineering and managing the realisation of two robotic systems (one for standard car batteries and one for truck batteries) that take over the work of the employees and improve the production line flow in this specific part of the production process of Jenox Akumulatory.


For FMI ImProvia it was the Turn-Key project in which we were responsible for preparing the concept, engineering (mechanical / electrical / software), purchasing, assembly and commissioning of those two systems at Jenox Akumulatory within schedule to not disturb the production plans. A major role within this project was the project management to coordinate the project with the simultaneous planning of commissioning and tests at Jenox, which did not interfere with the production plans. Moreover, great teamwork was necessary to be able to work together on both lines which were not located in the same place during installation phase.

The biggest technical challenge was the combination of a modern transport system, offered by FMI ImProvia, and the machines, which were hand-operated by employees. The engineers used a match-and-electric system integration, which is why the project was implemented.

During whole project Jenox Akumulatory supported FMI ImProvia by sharing production knowledge and problems on the lines as well as delivery of the necessary machine parts or production components for assembly and tests at the assembly hall of FMI ImProvia.


All challenges were overcome and lead to a successful realisation of two robotic transport systems that have the required capacity and quality of operations. The two systems are both fully integrated in the production process of Jenox Akumulatory and operating at full speed.

Jenox Akumulatory is very satisfied with the project result and work of the FMI ImProvians. The next step will be to install more robotic systems in the production plants to improve the efficiency and productivity of the production process.