Test system for hydraulic components

UTC Aerospace Systems is one of the world’s largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and defense products. The UTC plant in Poland produces and supplies landing gear for a variety of aircraft.

  • FMI ImProvia
  • 2020


Concerning aerospace and defense products, many regulations and strictness in production should be followed to minimize failures and secure optimal safety of the components. In this case, FMI ImProvia was requested to deliver a Fatigue Test Rig (FTR) to test hydraulic aircraft components under different environmental conditions. The FTR had to be supplied by a hydraulic power pack and it should be able to test hydraulic components on performance, reliability and life time fully automatically.


The assignment was clearly identified as a turnkey project, in which FMI ImProvia would be fully responsible from idea to operation. First, a (pre)specification process was conducted to examine all requirements and regulations. Next, the engineers of FMI ImProvia executed the complete design of the machine which implied hydraulic engineering, electrical engineering, technical automation, mechanical engineering and software development; all in regard to CE certification requirements as well. The final design was assembled at FMI ImProvia and installed, tested and commissioned on site at the production plant of UTC in Poland. For successful integration in the production process an acceptance test was conducted as well as operations and maintenance training for the operators.